Taler Demo


This part of the demo shows how a bank that supports Taler directly would work. In addition to using your own bank account, you can also see the transaction history of some Public Accounts.

Other parts of the demo:

You can learn more about Taler on our main website.

History of public accounts

Date Amount Counterpart Subject
18/02/19 13:29 - 100.00 TESTKUDOS Exchange (account #2) S98FEXHW3VJ93EA73CRAQ5E8E4DJE96Z9JXYFHFD169FWS9NS8A0 https://exchange.com/legacy
18/02/19 13:29 3000.00 TESTKUDOS Bank (account #1) EU financial help for debit growing.

NOTE: the bank runs completely JavaScript-free.